Kitchen Most Desired Home Upgrade

A recent survey has found that 1/5 home owners plan to carry out upgrades to their home, with the kitchen being the number one priority!

Revamping Your Kitchen? Check Out These Top Trends

An online style magazine has listed some of the top kitchen design trends, and we've picked out some of the best for you to consider if you fancy a revamp!

Don't Forget The Details When Designing Your Home

When figuring out new design ideas for your home, and you're not usually detail orientated, take a look at these tips we've found on what to look out for.

Tiles Growing In Popularity

A host of industry insiders and designers are suggesting that tiles are one of the hottest trends in interior design right now.

Homebuyer Levels Reach 10-Yr Peak

According to recent research homebuyer numbers reached 50,000 in February 2018, which is the highest level for the month in 11 years.

Have You Used Instagram For Bathroom Tile Inspiration?

Design inspiration you find on social media sites such as Instagram can be put to use to pick & choose what style of bathroom you would like.

Should You Hire An Online Interior Designer?

Building a sophisticated interior design scheme from the bottom up is an acquired skill, so when exactly should you hire an online interior designer?

Would You Have A Dog Shower Installed At Home?

You may not have heard but there’s a growing trend for homeowners to install dog showers and bathrooms in their house.

Use House Plants To Add Life To A New Bathroom Suite

House plants wont be the first thing you consider adding to your bathroom when designing it, but they are becoming all the rage in interior design trends.

Are Double-Sink Bathrooms Ideal For You?

Double bathrooms seem to be taking off across the pond & elsewhere, so is it time us Brits added another bowl into our washroom design?

Why Large Tiles Are Growing In Popularity For Bathrooms

The larger tiles style is growing in popularity & are being installed in houses up and around the country.

Do You Need A Microbathroom?

If you are planning how best to configure your current tiny bathroom, then you should make yourself aware of the tiny bathroom trend. Find out more here!